Leadership Education Series

Our new "2014 Ketrick Communities Leadership Education Series" is dedicated to our Veteran Community in the National Capital Region. We are gathering for coffee, collaboration and spirited dialogue throughout the year.

These casual talks will begin with a keynote topic by one of our respected thought leaders and followed by a facilitated open discussion. The topics and stories may come from practical experience, lessons learned or informed knowledge on a particular area of subject matter expertise by our speakers.

Please join us at the Fort Belvoir - USO on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 10AM for these timely, informative and educational events. Veterans, family members and our Veteran Community stakeholders are invited to register in advance to ensure your seat at the table. Many of you may have attended one of our “Fishing Community” events in the past and we encourage you to join us for our Leadership Education Speakers Series.

Please support Ketrick Communities for our next 2014 Educational Speakers Series events to provide ongoing education and learning to the veteran stakeholders of WHFP, build new relationships in the veteran community and to support our ongoing activities.

February 8th -

Richard L. - Former DEA & Microsoft Anti-Piracy Executive

March 8th -

Jim M.* - Colonel U.S. Army (Retired) & Cyber Threat Intel Expert

April 12th -

Richard A. - Former Supervisory Special Agent - Counterterrorism Div. - FBI

May 10th -

Graham P.* - U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2002, Author & Middle East Diplomat

* = Veteran



- Fund Raising

If your organiztion is interested in sponsoring an event by providing your conference factility or you would like to be considered as a guest speaker, please contact us.